Detective Story movie plot

2022-10-23 22:58
This film is about: Jim is a criminal policeman who hates evil and hates evil. He was interrogating Sineda who was arrested for robbery and embezzlement. He was intimidated by him because the trial could not be concluded, so he severely beat Sinada. meal. Sineda moaned and called out Tom Shakbati's name, causing Jim's suspicion. When Sineda's lawyer accused him of his actions, he told him to go to his wife, Merry, to find out about Tom Shakbati. His wife, Meili, had an affair with Tom Shackleberry ten years ago and had an abortion for him. Jim was very distressed when he found out about this. Later, Jim, who was in deep thought, was not prepared for the gangster to grab the gun of the policeman beside him. He stood up and rushed towards the gangster like a madman, only to be shot dead. 
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Detective Story quotes

  • Detective James McLeod: [leaving the office] Mind if I shave?

    Lieutenant Monaghan: Gotta have the last word, don't ya?

  • Detective James McLeod: I wanna put him in the electric chair where he belongs, and pull the switch myself.

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