Dirty Sexy Money movie plot

2022-04-11 08:01
The richest Darlings have five inherited children, but these unattractive guys always make friends with the wrong people, including take advantage of couples, Illegal immigrants , and even transvestite prostitutes. To keep this broken family away from the "favor" of the tabloids and the "calling" of prisons, unless God helps. God is so merciful. no, " Savior " Nick Geoge appears.
When Nick was a child, he watched his father abandon his freedom and family happiness to become the Darling family's loyal lackey and staff (underworld group?). Nick's childhood was spent in the shadow of the Darling family, full of hatred for this family. But after growing up and becoming a lawyer, Nick's attitude changed 180 degrees under the call of fate - his father's responsibility to protect the Darling family's secrets throughout his life has fallen to Nick, and the patriarch of the Darling family, Tripp Darling, even prescribed Nick Unimaginably high pay. Nick doesn't know if this is his once-in-a- lifetime opportunity or an abyss that he will never get out of. He originally thought that with this job and a good income, he would be free to do good deeds. But he didn't have time to think, so he got into endless trouble - he had to quickly resolve the threats from the police, the harassment from the tabloids for the Darling family, and wipe the buttocks of family members at any time, so as not to damage the family's reputation. to damage. He became the family's full range of problem-solving experts, supporters, public relations experts and even psychologists .
Rich, powerful, and eloquent, Tripp Darling is the patriarch of the Darling family, whose business spans the world, and his wife Letitia is a beautiful, elegant and well-dressed woman. The pair were also plagued by gossip as they became symbols of wealth, fame and status across the United States. They have five unsatisfactory children under their knees.
The eldest son, Patrick Darling, is the attorney general of the state of New York. He is handsome, majestic-looking; with great dignity; awe-inspiring , good at giving orders, and a rising star in politics. But he also has a big problem -- his girlfriend is transgender, and she won't break up. If Patrick wants to run for the Senate, Nick must help him solve this tough problem.
The eldest daughter, Karen, is a sexy, flirtatious woman who has been married three times. She runs the family's foundation and is a family socialite. When she was young, she gave Nick her virginity. She is not taboo at all about this history, and even tells it to her next fiancé with great interest. Socially smug Karen is a veritable loser in marriage, and she always hopes Nick can help her with her personal life issues.
The second son, Brian, is a pastor and works in Anglicanism in England . He hated Nick since he was a kid and still doesn't like him to this day. When Nick's father was still alive, Brian accused Nick's father of having ulterior motives to invade a family that didn't belong to him. Also Brian thinks Nick has the same intention. However, Brian also has a crush on Nick, and he needs Nick to help him with his illegitimate child -- and it can't be too public.
The youngest children are twins Juliet and Jeremy in their early 20s. Juliet is a "bad girl" spoiled by her parents and older brothers and sisters. She is arrogant and arrogant. Her biggest wish is to become a powerful actress. If the taxi driver, the paparazzi asking for an autograph, or anyone else bothered her, she'd lash out at them right away, and then coldly throw out her favorite "famous quote"—"You poor bastard!"
Jeremy tends to come across as wearing rumpled clothes, drunk and with a cigarette in his mouth, begging Nick to get him out of jail. No matter how rich he is, he has always had a bad relationship with his family, and his life has always been so bad. He felt that his family had let him down and that his father hated him.
While Nick was rambling among the Darling family and being confused by them, his reasonable wife Lisa silently raised their young daughter at home, completely out of tune with the Darling family. However, Lisa soon found that Nick seemed to be getting farther and farther away from her, more and more indifferent, which could not help but cause her concern. In particular, the charming Karen wanders around Nick all day, and Nick and her become more and more close, making Lisa's anxiety more and more every day.
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