Diva movie plot

2022-03-17 08:01
Cynthiais a talented black singer with a golden voice and a world-renowned soprano. She often holds recitals, but she never allows others to record her singing, and refuses to record. The 18-year-old postman Julesloves music, especially the singing of black female singer Cynthia. The meeting was secretly recorded. However, the tape he got in his hand attracted two Asians to snatch it by any means. It turned out that they wanted to use the tape to make a fortune. At the same time, another tape exposing the control of a prostitution ring by a high-ranking police officer Zapotaalso accidentally falls into Jules hands. It turned out to be a recording of a prostitute named Nadia. She was Zapota's mistress, but she was unwilling to be controlled and exploited. She came out and exposed Zapota's various scandals. Before she was killed, she secretly put the tape in Jules' motorcycle. In this way, in order to destroy the evidence, Zapota sent two killers to snatch Jules' tapes. But Jules, with the help of a girl named Alba and her friend Gorodish, overcame all the risks and finally won the love of Cynthia  .
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Extended Reading
  • Alfredo 2022-03-17 08:01:01

    Revisiting, Beneix's "The Red Actor of the Opera" is generally regarded as the beginning of a new French visual film. Indeed, this film whose style is far greater than its content is illuminated by extremely exaggerated melancholy and post-modern abandoned industrial scenes. In the film, we can see the shadow of many later film scenes of Karax, the aria of Katarani's "Gorgeous Girl" at the opening of the film comes from a female singer who has never heard her own voice (she refuses to record), an ordinary singer. The young postman uses his pure and fiery love to change her life, and a series of neurotic characters (a Vietnamese girl appears, but not strongly political) turns the movie into a cartoon, and the silly boy can grasp it own destiny? Two groups of underworld forces have their eyes on him, red jackets and mopeds, passing through the night in Paris, crossing the subway and streets, of course, the last person who no one thought took control of this complex game, it A mix of popular fiction, French New Wave, and Hollywood B-movie action movies, it's a movie that's hard to define, with a messed up romance at the end, and the otaku dream triumphs

  • Ivah 2022-03-17 08:01:01

    The photography is quite brilliant, generally better than "Wild Rose of Paris"...

Diva quotes

  • Gorodish: Some get high on airplane glue... detergents... fancy gimmicks. My satori is this: Zen in the art of buttering bread!

  • [At Jules' apartment]

    Alba: Pretty gloomy setting!

    Jules: Think so? A monument to disaster... deluxe style!

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