Dogfight movie plot

2022-07-07 15:26
In order to win the prize of the "Ugliest Girl Contest", soldier Eddie (River Phoenix) finds the waiter Rose (Lili Taylor), whom he met at a restaurant by chance, to tell him what he is about to experience. , Rose knew nothing. In the end, not only did Eddie fail to get the bonus, but Rose also left angrily because of everyone's ridicule and exclusion.
Eddie, whose conscience is condemned, finds Rose, and the two reunite after an apology. During the conversation, both Eddie and Rose were surprised to find that they had a lot in common, and as time went by, the relationship between the two became more and more intimate. Eddie is about to go to the battlefield. He and Rose have agreed that when he returns, the two will meet again. Unexpectedly, Eddie has been gone for four years. Four years later, Eddie, who still misses Rose, returns to the restaurant where they met, but everything has changed. 
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Dogfight quotes

  • Rose: [after learning the marines are shipping out] Where are you going?

    Eddie Birdlace: Okinawa. But I'm aiming for this other place. It's a little country near India called Vietnam.

    Rose: Yeah, I think I read about it. Aren't they fighting there or something?

    Eddie Birdlace: No, not really. We'll just be there as advisors to teach them how to take care of the Commies.

    Rose: That could be dangerous.

    Eddie Birdlace: Nah. We'll kick a little ass, take a few names. Be back in a couple of months.

  • Hippie: [to Birdlace] How many babies did you kill?

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