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2022-04-10 08:01
  • Louis Koo filmed the movie "Dragon City Years". In order to show the ferocity of the character, Louis Koo was very involved. Because of the uncontrollable movement, he beat the actor playing the opponent into a dizziness, and even smashed the lighting engineer's car glass.
  • In one scene, Louis Koo and his companions drove a car and attacked from both sides, trying to kill the opponent. Louis Koo also raised the trash can and attacked each other. However, the filming location was very narrow, and it was difficult to perform his movements. Louis Koo couldn't control his movements for a while, and frequently made his opponent "hit". The most powerful one was hitting his opponent's head with a trash can, and the opponent immediately felt dizzy. Louis Koo knew something was wrong as soon as he dropped his hand, and immediately massaged his opponent and apologized. 
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  • Shawna 2022-04-21 09:03:53

    The passages of Kaixiangtang had more exciting and vivid descriptions in earlier Hong Kong movies, but in this one they became empty slogans and pretended to be somber. The gang-led order was broken by the members themselves, which is probably the fate of this group. The plot is still compact and the scheduling is acceptable. Luo Dayou's soundtrack is where the movie really shines. As for the practice of using blunt weapons and prolonging the duration of violence in violent paragraphs, it is no longer new. The biggest shortcoming is the lack of emphasis on the humanistic and spiritual outlook of the entire Hong Kong, and it has always been trapped in a very small circle.

  • Holden 2022-04-20 09:02:57

    The ending is a bit silly

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  • Big D: [to Lok] Don't talk to me until you have the baton!

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