Election Top-notch realistic style.

2022-04-10 08:01
"Election" can be said to shine in 2005, won 11 nominations for the new Taiwan Film Golden Horse Awards, including best director, best feature film, best actor and best supporting actor and so on. Of course, this kind of honor is not blown out, it should be said that it basically represents the higher level of Hong Kong movies this year in all aspects. Johnnie To's kung fu in directing gangster films is obviously unquestionable. The whole film has a compact plot and layers of clues, which firmly attract the attention of the audience, and every step is full of suspense and fascinating. In terms of photography, the director of photography Zheng Zhaoqiang is also considered to be consistent with the director's style and has a tacit understanding with each other. Although the photography style is somewhat rigid, the overall feeling is still in place. Wang Tianlin, the nominee for Best Supporting Actor among Actors, can be said to be a must-have in the film, raising the realm of the gang boss a little bit, making people unable to help make a case. Of course, such a civilian design can not but thanks to the styling design Zhang Shijie, which has both characteristics and characteristics. All in all, this movie set off a big climax in 2005's Hong Kong movies.  
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  • Big D: [to Lok] Don't talk to me until you have the baton!

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