Election movie plot

2022-04-10 08:01
The film tells the story of a fictional traditional gang in Hong Kong facing a two-yearly election big shot; old brother time, but the gang encountered a lot of trouble at this time: the police are constantly watching, the old big shot; the old brother does not want to resign, the help middle big shot; old brother's token disappeared. So the gang decided to select the most powerful "five tigers" in the gang to track down the whereabouts of the token. These five people were in charge of different regions before, and they had never met each other. Their outlook on life changed and they decided to join the big shot; old brother's game together.
"He Liansheng", the largest society in Hong Kong, held a biennial election for its officers. The two regional leaders of "Ale" and "Da D" competed for the throne of commanding 50,000 members. A group of elders with voting rights also voted for their own interests. Fighting in the dark.
"Ale" was selected as the clerk, and the deeply dissatisfied "big D" challenged the gang rules. He wanted to snatch the leading stick, the symbol of the highest power, and organize a new club. The five little leaders were involved, and they started a series of infighting for the dragon head stick.
The fight in the film takes place after the gang election. The largest traditional gang in Hong Kong, "He Liansheng", is preparing to hold a biennial big shot; old brother election, but at this time the election cannot proceed smoothly due to many factors. For example: being stalked by the police, the original big shot; the old brother didn't want to step down, so he helped the big shot; the old brother's token disappeared, etc. "Ale" and "Big D" in the gang are the two leaders of the two regions. They want to compete for the throne of commanding 50,000 members, and the elders with voting rights are also fighting openly and secretly for their own interests. So the gang decided to select the most powerful "five tigers" in the gang to track down the whereabouts of the token. These five people were originally in charge of different regions and never knew each other. All five people changed their views on life due to a force and decided to join the competition. 
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  • Jerry 2022-04-17 09:01:13

    Young and Dangerous don't need brains, they are Young and Dangerous all their lives.

  • Charley 2022-04-19 09:03:18

    Johnnie To's gangster movie, Ren Dahua, Tony Leung's combination is amazing!

Election quotes

  • Big D: [to Lok] Don't talk to me until you have the baton!

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