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2022-03-25 08:01
"Elegy" touches the heartstrings of viewers by combining its hero and heroine's fear of death and their pursuit of love. The film uses David's subjective narration as a clue to narrate the story in a combination of sequence and interlude, from David and Conswella's meeting to falling in love, to separation and reconciliation, the keynote of the film Slow and unique, it is flat and straightforward without being boring. In addition to combining the three main narrative elements of death, love and human desire, the story of the film also combines intricate emotions, thus showing the passion of love and the desire for beauty in the depths of human nature   .
"Elegy" gained attention for its topical content and won praise and praise at numerous film festivals. The film is not only full of sex and emotional entanglement, but also has eye-catching visual effects   . The atmosphere of the film is deep and serene, the camera movement is steady, especially David's fantasy passages are shot smoothly and deeply. In the film, Ben Kingsley played the role of David, a very mature and charming character, with ease   . With his elegant demeanor and restrained performance, he interprets the prodigal son David as both passionate and resolute. Even in front of the glamorous Spanish girl, his heavy temperament, which has been washed by the years, does not fall in the slightest  
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Elegy quotes

  • David Kepesh: When you make love to a woman you get revenge for all the things that defeated you in life.

  • George O'Hearn: Beautiful women are invisible.

    David Kepesh: Invisible? What the hell does that mean? Invisible? They jump out at you. A beautiful woman, she stands out. She stands apart. You can't miss her.

    George O'Hearn: But we never actually see the person. We see the beautiful shell. We're blocked by the beauty barrier. Yeah, we're so dazzled by the outside that we never make it inside.

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