Elegy movie plot

2022-03-25 08:01
David Kopeshin olden days is a well-known literary critic in New York, and he is hired to teach at a university, and his career can be regarded as a small success. David has never been able to keep pace with his work in his personal life. Although he has been divorced for a long time with his ex-wife Caroline, he has always maintained a close and even ambiguous relationship with his ex-wife, who is unwilling to endure a peaceful single life. However, the appearance of Consula Castillo, a 20-year-old female student who is as beautiful as a flower , immediately arouses the possessive desire that has been suppressed in David's heart for many years, and the worship of David is not enough. Consula, who admires Youjia, also dedicated everything to him. However, their sweet and passionate cohabitation life is often disturbed by Caroline and Consula's parents   .
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  • Shane 2022-03-25 08:01:01

    When my old friend was DYING, I was very moved. As for Penelope Cruz, the slender Spanish girl, I've always been a fan of it.

  • Quinn 2022-04-03 09:01:11

    A very literary film. And it's the kind of movie that has a strong American literary character. But I just can't stand kingsley's big bald head superimposed on the big beauty's head. . .

Elegy quotes

  • Consuela Castillo: Beautiful picture.

    David Kepesh: Beautiful woman.

  • David Kepesh: [interview on the Charlie Rose show] We're not all descended from the Puritans.

    Charlie Rose: No?

    David Kepesh: There was another colony 30 miles from Plymouth, it's not on the maps today. Marymount it was called.

    Charlie Rose: Yeah, alright, you mention in your book...

    David Kepesh: The colony where anything goes, went.

    Charlie Rose: There was booze...

    David Kepesh: here was booze. There was fornication. There was music. There was... they even ah, ah, ah, you name it, you name it. They even danced around the maypole once a month, wearing masks, worshiping god knows what, Whites and Indians together, all going for broke...

    Charlie Rose: Who was responsible for all of this?

    David Kepesh: A character by the name of Thomas Morton.

    Charlie Rose: Aah, the "Hugh Hefner" of the Puritans.

    David Kepesh: You could say that. I'm going to read you a quote of what the Puritans thought of Morton's followers: 'Debauched bacchanalians and atheists, falling into great licentiousness, and leading degenerate lives'. When I heard that, I packed my bags, I left Oxford, and I came straight to America, America the licentious.

    Charlie Rose: So what happened to all of those people?

    David Kepesh: Well, the Puritans shot them down. They sent in Miles Standish leading the militia. He chopped down the maypole, cut down those colored ribbons, banners, everything; party was over

    Charlie Rose: And we became a nation of straight-laced Puritans.

    David Kepesh: Well...

    Charlie Rose: Isn't that your point though? The Puritans won, they stamped out all things sexual... how would you say it?

    David Kepesh: Sexual happiness.

    Charlie Rose: Exactly. Until the 1960s.

    David Kepesh: Until the 1960s when it all exploded again all over the place.

    Charlie Rose: Right, everyone was dancing around the maypole, then, make love not war.

    David Kepesh: If you remember, only a decade earlier, if you wanted to have sex, if you wanted to make love in the 1950s, you had to beg for it, you had to cop a feel.

    Charlie Rose: Or... get married.

    David Kepesh: As I did in the 1960s.

    Charlie Rose: Any regrets?

    David Kepesh: Plenty. Um, but that's our secret. Don't tell anybody.


    David Kepesh: That's just between you and me.

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