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2022-07-05 16:37
The film won the 1978 Golden Globe Award for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor two awards and Oscar for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Changed Screenplay three nominations.
According to the "Times" report on July 28, the wizard's robe and the student's tie have always been Harry Potter's iconic costumes, and they are also sought after by many fans. However, when they staged their "debut" on the London stage , Harry's actor Daniel Radcliffe chose to appear naked   . At just 17 years old, Daniel is already a multi-millionaire thanks to his roles in the Harry Potter films.
In Peter Schaffer's controversial play "Equus", Daniel will play a stable boy who develops a love affair with his beloved horse. Equus spokesman Peter Thompson said Daniel will appear on the show. "Love Horses" will open at the West End Theater in early 2007.
Daniel's character in the play is named Alan Strong, a young man with mental problems who blinded six horses with iron nails and was sent to a psychiatrist for treatment. According to the character's request, Daniel is required to show sexual pleasure while riding naked. This is undoubtedly a breakthrough for Daniel, whose role has been limited to JK Rowling's little magician since his debut. In the recently completed film "December Boys", Daniel plays one of four orphans hoping to be adopted.
Richard Griffith, who played Uncle Harry in "Harry Potter", is expected to play the role of a psychiatrist in "Love Horses", and related matters are being discussed. If Richard can join this play, it will undoubtedly be quite good news for the London theatre industry. Richard has won a Tony Award for his role as the male lead in the stage play "Children of History". Last week, Daniel and Richard were nervously filming the fifth Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
Schaffer's "Love Horses" caused an earthquake when it first performed at the National Centre for the Performing Arts in 1973. After that, "Love Horses" moved to Broadway in the United States, during which Anthony Hopkins played the leading role and performed 1,200 times, becoming one of the most successful plays in New York history. In 1977, Hollywood adapted "Love Horses" into a movie, this time the protagonist was replaced by Richard Burton.
Playwright Schaffer's major works include "Mozart" and "Battle of the Sun". The story of "Horse Love" is based on a true incident in which a horse boy inexplicably poked the eyes of six horses. The plot of "Horse Love" revolves around sexual arousal, Greek mythology and religion. While psychiatrists try to explain Allen's cruelty, he must confront his own demons in the process.
"Love Horses" was performed as a school drama at Paddy Pride's school, but local drama teacher John Owen was accused of sexual abuse because of this. He chose to commit suicide before he could appear in court. As soon as this matter came out, "Loving Horses" immediately became the focus of debate. In a subsequent report, the Welsh Assembly called for "horse love" to be banned in schools. On the 27th, Daniel's agent declined to comment on the interview   .
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