Escape Room: Tournament of Champions movie plot

2022-07-24 23:21
In order to bring the organizers of the deadly "world's top escape room" to justice, two game survivors Zoeand Bendecide to join forces to New York to find the killer behind them. But the two encounter a catastrophe on the New York subway with four other strangers, and unexpectedly discover that they are not only involved in a more dangerous and deadly room game, but all of them have been survivors of the "world's top escape room" game before. A new round of death games is playing . When the concept of "playing games" is reversed, all unknown levels faced by players may become their fatal moments. In the case of waiting to die without solving the mystery, these six people work together to find a way to survive and avoid becoming the next batch of game victims .   
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Escape Room: Tournament of Champions quotes

  • GamesMaster: [through a voice distorter] Tell us, Zoey. Did we do a good job convincing you?

    Ben Miller: Zoey, what's happening?

    [the plane is hit by turbulence, significantly it's another escape room]

    GamesMaster: The game only ends when we say it ends.

    [cut to black]

    GamesMaster: [last lines]

    GamesMaster: Thanks for flying Minos Air.

  • Ben Miller: People have always been keen on watching people die it started with the coliseums and since then nothing much has changed

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