A battle royale-style entertainment game, how much room for reverie can be left?

Elouise 2022-09-05 20:22:46

As a sequel to the dark horse movie a few years ago, the overall performance of "Escape Room 2" is quite satisfactory, and it can be regarded as a qualified popcorn movie. The tension and excitement of watching the whole movie is slightly inferior to that of the first movie, but in the scene of the minute-by-minute countdown, you will still feel a little suffocated and oppressed. 2" was released. "Secret Escape 2" continues the unchanging style of room escape from the previous movie, which is the same reasoning-decryption-breakthrough, and uses the cruel "escape entertainment game" to show the human survival trial field. But the obvious bug of the film is the lack of novelty (because fans who have watched the first film should have a lot of expectations for the sequel). For example, starting from the beach and lighthouse scenes, some level designs (man-eating beaches are more conventional) are a bit like an assembly-line routine and a variety show. Too fast rhythm will lead to forced presuppositions and progress of the plot, which may also make the first The audience who watched the "Escape" series at one time lost some space for participation and thinking. Fans who have watched a lot of such movies should also be able to guess that there will be character settings that have repeatedly died... There is a visual highlight in the film. When the Internet celebrity blogger freezes the picture with a Polaroid on the beach, the filter tone The changed presets are eye-catching, and the subsequent "acid rain" also deepens the film's sensory horror experience, but the game over design of the two female players and the unopenable taxi door is a bit blunt. The big reversal on the plane at the end is in line with the standard ending of a new commercial thriller. After being full of hope for survival, it is full of despair again, which can't help but send chills down the back. At the end of the film, the strong impact but also mechanical and cold electronic music BGM of Dubstep is matched. Looking at this situation, there must be a third film, so let fans wait and see the new creation of this series of films!

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Escape Room: Tournament of Champions quotes

  • GamesMaster: [through a voice distorter] Tell us, Zoey. Did we do a good job convincing you?

    Ben Miller: Zoey, what's happening?

    [the plane is hit by turbulence, significantly it's another escape room]

    GamesMaster: The game only ends when we say it ends.

    [cut to black]

    GamesMaster: [last lines]

    GamesMaster: Thanks for flying Minos Air.

  • Ben Miller: People have always been keen on watching people die it started with the coliseums and since then nothing much has changed