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2022-04-04 08:01
It is not very accurate to say that the film is a biopic, because half of the film is a serious discussion of the experimental results and the ugly struggle of human nature. At the end, Milgren also has a long monologue, to the effect that human nature will one day be. Break the rules and liberate your nature. It also abruptly raised the film's intentions by a lot. The other half of the time, "Experimenter" is more devoted to trivial matters describing Milgren's personal life.
The only thing worth mentioning is the editing and movement of the film. In the editing, the interspersed editing that breaks the timeline has grafted a bit of new narrative into this boring story that is so dull that it has no climax. This is a plus.
The novelty of moving the mirror is nothing more than the "Golden Age"-style "self-reporting to the camera". Its effect is also similar to that of "The Golden Age" - the greater function is to make people play.  
The film focuses on the electric shock experiment of a Jew at Yale University, exposing the ugly side of human nature.  
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  • Jettie 2022-04-21 09:03:52

    Human nature can be studied, but impossible to avoid. The ability to think independently is our first step towards freedom.

  • Ferne 2022-04-08 09:01:13

    Where are the boundaries of the rules?

Experimenter quotes

  • Stanley Milgram: [just before taking his picture] Do you ever feel invincible one moment and then worthless the next?

  • Stanley Milgram: There are times when your life resembles a bad movie, but nothing prepares you if your life actually becomes a bad movie.

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