Experimenter movie plot

2022-04-04 08:01
The film is adapted from the 1961 Yale University power obedience electric shock experiment. The Experimenter raised the punishment voltage uncontrollably, and the voltage has already exceeded the limit of human beings. As long as every ordinary person obeys the rules, he may unconsciously become a killer, and Professor Stanley Milgram began to doubt human nature. Ordinary people are just puppets manipulated by others. After thousands of experiments, 65% of the people chose the punishment of pressing 450 volts mercilessly, and nearly 35% chose to be dissatisfied with the laboratory staff, but finally chose to compromise. This data surprised the professor, so he began to doubt the scientificity of the experiment. After improving the method, he experimented again, but got almost the same result. He learned from it that human nature is actually like this. 
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Experimenter quotes

  • Donna Abbott: How do you justify the deception?

    Stanley Milgram: I like to think of it as illusion, not deception. Semantics, you may say, but illusion, you know, has a revelatory function, as in a play. Illusion can set the stage for revelation, to reveal certain difficult-to-get-at truths.

    Donna Abbott: But still, when you go to see a play, you pay for a ticket. You know you're seeing a play. These people didn't know it wasn't real. You tricked them.

    Stanley Milgram: "Hello, today we'll be doing an experiment about blind obedience to malevolent authority. I'd like for you to pretend that this machine is delivering painful shocks to a person in the other room." How truthful do you think that would be?

    Donna Abbott: But if you think of it, really, *you* were delivering shocks to your subjects. Psychological shocks.

  • Stanley Milgram: Less than six degrees of separation exist between you and several million strangers who you may or may not encounter in your lifetime. When we understand the structure of this communication net, we stand to grasp a good deal more about the fabric of society. Maybe it's not necessarily justified, this common human complaint. The feeling that we're all cut off, alienated, and alone. I don't need to go into detail do I?

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