Maudie evaluation action

2022-04-04 08:01
"Maudie" may lack some scenes that make the audience feel goosebumps in retrospect, but this is also the spirit conveyed by this film, a most "bland and innocent" moving. Unlike many biographies of famous painters, the film does not require the audience to know the painter in advance, and it doesn't matter how well-known she is in the history of painting. Director Aisleen Walsh shoots in a loose timeline sequence, and the film doesn't clearly emphasize the time span. In Hawkins' performance, the audience sees how Maudie's physical difficulties have shaped her character, she lifts her head sunk in her shoulders and gives a strange but innocent, strong smile, it's a subtle performance , if you go too far, it will destroy the character. But Hawkins' expression truly conveys that kind of ordinary and simple   .
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    Well, I'll sweep the floor.

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    Small flowers on the wall gradually covered the whole house, under the dim kerosene lamp you gave me everything, so-called true love is nothing but that

Maudie quotes

  • Mr. Davis (Shopkeeper): I don't know why people pay money for these, my five-year-old could do better.

    Everett Lewis: Maybe. Maybe he could, but he didn't - Maud did. Brushes, please.

    [slaps the coins on the counter]

    Everett Lewis: You're an idiot.

  • Maud Lewis: [sitting in front of Sandra's window and looking out] A window. I love a window. A bird, whizzin' by. Bumblebee.


    Maud Lewis: It's always different. The whole of life. The whole of life already framed. Right there.

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