Farinelli evaluation action

2022-07-09 18:57
The film recreates the legend of Farinelli and gives it a half-true love story. The film conquered the audience with its beautiful music, beautiful voice and legendary plot   .The relationship between the two brothers is very delicate and complicated. The elder brother castrated him to keep his younger brother and his pure and beautiful childish voice, but he regretted it for the rest of his life. This forgiveness, on the one hand, comes from the continuous blood ties between the brothers, on the other hand, it also comes from the inspiration of art and the dedication, although forced but not without joy, the film always delicately grasps all these complex balances and the resulting tension  .
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Farinelli quotes

  • Carlo Broschi: I admire your nerve, madame, in daring to defy Handel.

    Countess Mauer: Women are very strong, signor Farinelli. Men's weaknesses make it necessary.

  • Carlo Broschi: [on Riccardo's opera "Orpheo"] You'll never finish it!

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