Farinelli movie plot

2022-07-09 17:05
When Buccarofell ill as a child, his brother Bricacastrated him to preserve his beautiful voice. Buccarlo has since become popular with his voice, which is somewhere between the high-pitched male and the softer female voice. Brothers also made an agreement to share everything they got. But the music master Handel looked down on the Buccalo brothers who maintained their voices by castration. Handel learned the whole story of Buccaro's circumcision from Brica, told Buccaro the truth, and let Buccarlo sing the song he wrote. Knowing the truth, Bucaro quietly left his brother. Years later, his brother Brica found him, and the two reunited under the persuasion of Buccaro's girlfriend. Brica leaves Buccarlo's girlfriend after getting them pregnant. He gave back to him what he had taken from his brother  .
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Farinelli quotes

  • Carlo Broschi: I admire your nerve, madame, in daring to defy Handel.

    Countess Mauer: Women are very strong, signor Farinelli. Men's weaknesses make it necessary.

  • Carlo Broschi: [on Riccardo's opera "Orpheo"] You'll never finish it!

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