Fate/Zero movie plot

2022-06-28 19:33
The popular work "Fate/Zero" broadcast the first half of the TV anime last October, showing the beginning of the Fourth Holy Grail War. The gripping plot, the wonderful battles, and the excellent production of ufotable make people admire and reminisce after watching. In another month, it will be April, not only will we usher in the new spring frenzy, but also the second half of "Fate/Zero", where the plot is more and more climax. Therefore, the official recently decided to broadcast "Fate/Zero Remix" at the end of March, which is close to the start of the second season. The content is equivalent to the total episode of the first half of the 13 episodes. Late night on March 31st. So before the official launch of the second season, let's take a good review through this episode.
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