Fireworks Wednesday evaluation action

2022-10-20 13:24
Asghar Farhadi's third feature-length feature film, shifts from the previous male narrative point of view to women, through three female characters in different stages of marriage, who are full of longing for married life, immersed in marriage quagmire, and live independently after divorce. The intriguing confrontation process, the subtle and unpredictable human nature and the ambiguity of moral stance, dialectically entwined. Tarani Arridosti, who played the role of the death-row inmate's sister in "Death Trailer", changed her strong image to interpreting an innocent girl. As her situation changed, the audience experienced an interweaving in just one day. The shocking education of secrets and lies. 
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Fireworks Wednesday quotes

  • Simin: Your wife would've preferred seeing you with a whore than with another woman.

    Morteza: I'll call you when I get there.

    Simin: I won't pick up the phone.

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