Fireworks Wednesday movie plot

2022-10-20 14:43
The new year is approaching, and according to the Zoroastrian tradition, fireworks are set off to celebrate Wednesday. The girl who is about to marry comes to a middle-class family to work as an hourly maid to make money. Her mistress suffers from depression and insists that her husband and the divorced Single hairdresser neighbor has an affair. The girl was involved in this intricate human wrestling storm for no reason and could not escape. Not only did she see all the unknown hardships in married life in advance, but she also realized the extreme inequality towards women in Iranian society.
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Fireworks Wednesday quotes

  • Simin: Your wife would've preferred seeing you with a whore than with another woman.

    Morteza: I'll call you when I get there.

    Simin: I won't pick up the phone.

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