Fist of Legend movie plot

2022-03-16 08:01
In the early years of the Republic of China, the hero Huo Yuanjia felt that Chinese young people could easily lose their way in the turbulent times, and decided to set up a Jingwu Pavilion in the Shanghai Concession, using Chinese martial arts to cultivate future masters, and to strengthen Chinese aspirations with fitness. Fist of Fury's reputation has spread far and wide, becoming the largest pavilion in Shanghai. At that time, Japanese militarist ambitions were eyeing China, but due to the huge strength of Chinese martial arts, for the smooth Japanese invasion of China, the first division of Chinese martial arts circles was made. Fujitaa Japanese officer stationed in Shanghai, uses Ryuichi Akutagawa, the head of the Hongkou Dojo, to challenge Huo Yuanjia. Chen Zhenwas ordered by his master to travel across the ocean to Japan to study technology. When he learned of Master's death, he rushed back to the Fist of Fury, and after an autopsy, he found that Master was poisoned to death. After the Japanese killed one of their own people, they blamed Chen Zhen. Fortunately, his girlfriend in Japanarrives in time to help him out. The real murderer, the Japanese general, was challenged by the gauntlet. Chen Zhen and Huo Yuanjia's son Huo Tingenwent together to avenge the murder of the master. 
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  • Rusty 2022-03-21 09:03:28

    A super classic in kung fu movies. Jet Li was at his peak, doing push-ups with three fingers and pull-ups with one hand, which made his classmates try one after another. The scene layout and music are very good. The Taisho era, the British-Japanese alliance, and the battle of Qingdao are all designed very well. While showing the democratic movement and pro-China elements in Japan, it also intensified the Sino-Japanese hatred and intensified the fighting plot. The blindfolded duel in Huo Yuanjia's cemetery, the battle between Hongkou Dojo and Zhou Billy.

  • Annabell 2022-03-21 09:03:28

    This film made by the Chinese depicts the conspiracy of the Japanese in China and their subsequent defeat by the Chinese, and I can fully understand their feelings. Japan has done harm to other countries in Asia in modern times, but it is ridiculous that we have not seriously reflected and repented until now. Thanks for this video, I hope it brings us more thoughts.

Fist of Legend quotes

  • Fumio Funakoshi: What fist is this?

    Chen Zhen: Don't ask, it's a good fist if it wins.

  • Fumio Funakoshi: What style is that?

    Chen Zhen: don't ask! if it works, it's a good one!

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