Hammer of the Gods movie plot

2022-07-16 22:01
Hammer of the Gods summarizes:
 More than a thousand years ago, the Viking warriors Steiner (Charlie Bewley Charlie Bewley), Grimm (Michael Jibson), Hagen (Clive Standen) and other warriors fought fierce and dangerous battles with the Saxons who came . Not long after, the Viking King (James Cosmo) is terminally ill, and he has no intention of passing the throne to his son Steiner, who does not believe in gods and prophecies, but only admires his own strength. decoration) and do not plan. The old king instructs Steiner to find his eldest son Haken (Elliot Cowan), who has been exiled for a long time, and welcome him as the new king.
Steiner follows his father's orders and takes Hagen, Grimm and half-brother Valli (Theo Barklem-Biggs) on a perilous journey to find his brother. Meanwhile, Harold secretly colluded with the Saxons, and the fate of the Vikings was tied. 
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Hammer of the Gods quotes

  • Steinar: You go to such lengths to build these churches, making sure they strike terror into the hearts of all who come near. It's just a room with a door... no different to a prison.

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