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2022-07-16 17:25
Although "Pozitia copilului" is full of criticisms against the selfish morality of Romanian high society and the corrupt society, the integration and elevation of maternal love no longer makes this criticism seem cold)   .
"Pozitia copilului" is a film that analyzes the deformed mother's love. It is a poignant mockery of Romania's new upstarts. Although the photography is too subjective and active, the sharp, layered dialogue and the superb performance of the actors are admirablebut the only thing that makes People are dissatisfied with the hectic level of the heroine's photography, which tells everything in a negative and probing attitude, but ignores these characters and their situations)   .
"Pozitia copilului" was shot in a minimalist way, the camera rarely left Cornelia and her son, and the scene was concentrated in a private apartment, which increased the tension and suffocation of the film ()   .
"Pozitia copilului" criticizes the current increasingly depraved moral state of the Romanian domestic middle class and the dereliction of duty by the Romanian Public Prosecution Service through the actions of middle-class mothers in car accidents ()   .
"Pozitia copilului" uses a documentary-style shooting style to express people's lives, psychology and actions in a complete and "shocking" moment of emergency. The film also depicts a lot of layers about Romania. On the level of realism, it is a film that can truly reflect life and society; on the level of art, it is a film with a grim style, which is gratifying no matter from which point of view. Especially clever scripts that balance elements of humor, reality, grimness and tragedy all the time (  
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  • Cornelia Keneres: What did I do wrong?

    Barbu: Never mind now. I'm putting this on the table. You can say yes or no. You either let me call you when I feel like it, or it's nothing. And a suggestion. If it's hard, find a substitute. A dog, a lover, a hobby. People your age visit the Pyramids.

    Cornelia Keneres: Other people my age have a normal relationship with their child. Parents find their fulfillment in their children. Everything they failed to accomplish, they achieve through their children.

    Barbu: So we're agreed.

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