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2022-07-16 12:41
Carlin Peter Netzer initially wrote a script with a theme that was far from the final product, but later he talked with his peers about the problems that would arise in a discordant family, and when it came to family relations, it would talk about mothers and children, and then found that mothers do have some unique "poses", after which he decided to make a movie about it. The film began to have ideas in 2009, and it took more than 3 years to complete, with a budget of about 800,000 euros   .
The film's title Pozitia copilului () is an action in yoga, which means that Cornelia can't tolerate her son growing up and can't give him freedom. However, the part about yoga in the film was eventually cut out   .
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Child's Pose quotes

  • Cornelia Keneres: What did I do wrong?

    Barbu: Never mind now. I'm putting this on the table. You can say yes or no. You either let me call you when I feel like it, or it's nothing. And a suggestion. If it's hard, find a substitute. A dog, a lover, a hobby. People your age visit the Pyramids.

    Cornelia Keneres: Other people my age have a normal relationship with their child. Parents find their fulfillment in their children. Everything they failed to accomplish, they achieve through their children.

    Barbu: So we're agreed.

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