Child's Pose movie plot

2022-07-16 10:59
On a cold March night, Babu was weeping after he hit and killed a small child for speeding on a road with a 50km/h limit, and he'll be in jail for three to 15 years. Babu's mother is a trained architect and a member of Romanian high society. She's a woman who likes to dress up, decorating her bookshelves with Herta Muller books she's never read, and her purse with all sorts of credit cards. She started various rescue and lobbying activities, hoping to save her precious son. The method she uses is very low - bribery. She hoped that the money could bribe the witnesses to speak out against their hearts, and also hope that the money could comfort the couple whose child died   .
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Child's Pose quotes

  • Cornelia Keneres: What did I do wrong?

    Barbu: Never mind now. I'm putting this on the table. You can say yes or no. You either let me call you when I feel like it, or it's nothing. And a suggestion. If it's hard, find a substitute. A dog, a lover, a hobby. People your age visit the Pyramids.

    Cornelia Keneres: Other people my age have a normal relationship with their child. Parents find their fulfillment in their children. Everything they failed to accomplish, they achieve through their children.

    Barbu: So we're agreed.

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