High Art evaluation action

2022-04-10 08:01
The image of the film, as the expression of the meaning of human heart and life, the elements appearing in the film all have their own meaning. In "High Art", it is based on the love of intersex women, and at the same time the prototype of sexual desire. and issues of bisexual identity.
In gender discourse, there is no doubt that lust is a state of natural flow. However, such sexual practice may become a caged bird under social constraints, just as bisexuality in "High Art" is still a tragic ending. , the film ends on the book "Crime and Punishment" by Debbie, the lady at the counter, implying that bisexuality still bears the cross ofEven though bisexuality is the prototype of human gender, it is still hindered by doubleconstraints and exclusion. The bisexuality sentenced to death in the film shows that the real diverse and fluid sexual practice still faces a long road of struggle  .
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Extended Reading
  • Layla 2022-04-15 09:01:07

    There's a psychedelic vibe throughout, well, there's nothing special about this kind of plot handling, the movie is just telling that there's a kind of person who chooses that way. . .

  • Romaine 2022-04-18 09:01:20

    Lucy's pointy chin and half-spoken smile make me love it!

High Art quotes

  • Lucy: I haven't been deconstructed in a long time.

    Syd: Yeah, I bet you hate that.

    Lucy: I don't hate it at all.

  • Lucy: Can I take pictures of you?

    Syd: Right now? No... I feel like shit right now, I'm kinda wrecked.

    Lucy: You look really sexy, actually.

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