Holding the Man movie plot

2022-04-04 08:01
The film is based on real events and restores the living conditions of homosexuals in Australia in the 1980s and 1990s. "We have been together for 15 years, and he is my husband!" Facing homosexuals suffering from AIDS, he chose to stick to the Beside your lover, fight against difficulties together. 
The handsome captain of the high school boys' football team, John, and Tim, a young actor in the drama club, have worked together to face a lot of discrimination and criticism from the outside world. They have also swayed between temptation and jealousy. Originally thought that their love was complete, until the problems that love could not solve gradually emerged, testing the relationship between them. 
The film of the same name is adapted from the true-life novel "Holding The Man" known as the "Australian gay version of Romeo and Juliet". This book is the memoir of Timothy Conigrave's 34-year short life and his final love letter to his gay lover, John Caleo. In 1995, "Holding The Man" was published in Australia.
Tim, who loves acting, met John, the quiet captain of the football team, in high school, and the two walked hand in hand for fifteen years. Tim was keen on voluntary blood donation during his college days. In an era of poor hygiene, he was infected with HIV, but he did not know that he was infected with the virus and passed it on to John. The two were diagnosed with HIV in 1985. The virus remained relatively stable until 1990. John was diagnosed with cancer in 1991.
Knowing that he had infected John with HIV, Tim broke down in tears: "It feels like I killed the person I love the most with my own hands." Tim stayed by John's side for less than a year. John died on January 26, 1992. After John's death, Tim set about writing "Holding The Man". Only ten days after completing this book, on October 18, 1994, Tim passed away at the age of 34.
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Holding the Man quotes

  • Timothy Conigrave: What happens to my soul if I go mad? Does it stay trapped inside or is it floating free?

  • Timothy Conigrave: [to John] I should have worked harder to make you come.

    [Girls laugh]

    Timothy Conigrave: Is there a problem?

    [Girls laugh harder]

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