Horsemen Shooting process

2022-06-22 22:03
The release of the film has been delayed several times for various reasons. The film started filming as early as January 2007. First, it was continuously delayed during the filming process, and then another actor withdrew, causing the filming process of the film to continue until April 2007. Second, when most of the film's post-production was complete, the internal screenings were mediocre, under pressure director Jonas Acklud, based on the opinions of critics and producers, gave the Some passages were retaken and retaken. Once again, due to the downturn in the premiere, the distribution company changed the original release date from August 15, 2008 to March 6, 2009. 
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Horsemen quotes

  • Det. Aidan J. Breslin: The victim was struggling during the extraction.

    Police Chief Krupa: He could still be alive?

    Det. Aidan J. Breslin: Yeah. Be on a liquid diet, but yeah.

  • Kristin: I wonder, Aidan, what you think of me. You thought I was just this sweet girl who had been wronged by the world. What do you think now?

    Det. Aidan J. Breslin: I still think that.

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