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2022-03-25 08:01
Surprisingly, the less-than-formed comedian Christopher Emmanuel Paul Rock is really concerned with something serious—the anxiety environment created by marriage and loyalty. Now, Rock is finally getting his first foray into a related field he's always cared about with this uniquely stylized comedy, "I Think I Love My Wife." Inspired by a very classic old European film - " Love in the Afternoon " (Chloe in the Afternoon), directed by Eric Rohmer (Eric Rohmer) A true classic of frustration and temptation in life. When Locke saw the film for the first time, an idea that sounded a little disrespectful to the filmmaker suddenly occurred to him: Why not turn this serious The French Republic tale of human flaws and moral difficulties into a poignant and hilarious one American comedy?
Christopher Emmanuel Paul Rourke said: "I've always been in the habit of finding things that weren't very interesting and making them interesting . " "The story conveyed is very simple: a Parisian man with a happy married life, his favorite thing to do is to watch women come and go, daydreaming, but he never develops any ideas into real life. , and never had any substantial infidelity to his wife, until his old acquaintance Chloe suddenly visits him at his office and begins to tempt him by all means. This film belongs to New Wave pioneer Eric Rohmer Part of the "Six Moral Stories", the dialogue of the entire story is fantastical. It is tempting back and forth between nothingness and reality, and there is a feeling of longing for the most direct stimulation, but suppressing one's own desires.
But Christopher Emmanuel Paul Rock believes that this film can get the same influence and effect in an interesting way, and the means is the unique and bold storytelling style he has always used. , "I Think I Love My Wife" came into being. For Locke, the film expresses not only the flaws and gaffes in marriage, but also an expectation of modern marital conditions: "Marriage is a very, very beautiful thing, a sublimation based on love. Of course, he has reason to believe that many people will scoff at his whimsical idea that replacing The French Republic director Eric Rohmer with a comedian who has only directed one film is taking a very big risk: "Everyone People think I'm talking nonsense, but what I'm going to say to them is: I can."
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  • Gabriel 2022-03-26 09:01:15

    The easiest movie I've seen since the Spring Festival. Although it's not directed by Rohmer, it's also Rohmer's core. After all, it's his screenwriting's historical themes of marriage, eroticism, and moral choice. black question mark face

  • Eileen 2022-03-26 09:01:15

    i think i love my wife

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  • Richard Cooper: When two people admit that they are attracted to each other, they are no longer in control. Their relationship has to play itself out. For better or for worse.

  • Richard Cooper: Life is about choice. We are the sum of our choices. And most of them are made for us. You can't choose when you're born. You can't choose where you are born. You can't choose your family. You can't even choose who you love. But you can choose how you love.

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