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2022-07-11 10:52
This kind of recognition is very helpless. For anyone who has studied film, this kind of helpless choice is extremely terrifying. According to the convention, this is a sign of depravity. The performance of the title is missed, but the film lists the names of several directors. Before they became famous, what were they doing and filming?
The film is actually very routine, and the two students took over the shooting plan of the pornographic film, so they began to work, but it is very interesting that the film requires the participation of a well-known pornographic actor Katie. That's a big deal, especially for two people who don't have any social connections at all, it's an almost impossible task. At this time, the twists and turns, Katie saw the script and resolutely decided to participate in this film directed by students.
Katie's participation is the premise of the whole film. On the one hand, it is to extend the story of the film, but on the other hand, it shows a kind of respect from the playwright. When we always think that pornographic actors are big and brainless, Katie played an absolute Bole image, and this kind of face-to-face can be described as a breakthrough in traditional Britain.
Another premise that the film can be fully told lies in the identities of the two leading actors, students. This is very important. On the one hand, it can show the inherent inspirational feeling of the film. On the other hand, in the behavior of the students, many situations are Extremely funny, but also conducive to making the film's jokes. The most obvious of these is the fact that the pornographic film had to be filmed in a student's home in order to save money. Obviously, this is no way to stop, and the family view is reflected in this house. Although all the jokes are like clinker, they are relatively common, but they are reasonable and more attractive.
The arrangement of the roles of parents is an extremely important part of the film. In many inspirational comedy films, the roles of parents are often vacant. psychological stress. However, the parents in this film are basically in an unknowing position, and more of it shows how the protagonist avoids his parents and makes his own pornographic film. This kind of treatment is very consistent with the age setting of the characters in the film, and the parents are virtually a reference The system shows the underage of the two students from the side, including Katie who also mentioned this problem. On the other hand, the protagonists' avoidance of their parents is a replica of the minors in reality. So, a group of minors shoots an adult work, which in itself constitutes a story about growing up.
Compared with "The Six Heroes of the Light Pig", this film is obviously not worth mentioning. From a certain point of view, it is more like a film specially made for those who study film, although it is not an advocacy for all People with movie dreams all start with porn, but tell us that talking is never better than doing it directly. Doing something seriously is the path that every person with a dream should choose, so inspirational The ingredients are realized under the erotic packaging of the edging.
Finally, by the way, the title of the Golden Rooster Award in the film is very interesting to the Chinese, there is no hint here, but the association is more exciting than the hint!
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