Flood evaluation action

2022-07-11 18:09
"Flood" is a disaster film based on the real geographical environment and water conservancy facilities in London. The film depicts the light of human nature in the disaster. The film depicts the hearts of the characters deeply and delicately. The father and son in the disaster are affectionate, mother and daughter. Deep affection, big love and little love are truly shown.  
"Flood" has produced a good visual effect. In terms of story, it successfully combines the grievances of the flood control family with the life and death of London, and does a good job of creating tension, and those Hollywood films that attract and anesthetize audiences purely by visual effects. Different, this non-American film shows a unique temperament and British style. Of course, the most interesting thing is the family, redemption, understanding, prejudice and other themes involved in the film, as well as the theme of the Great Flood. The film is complete and simple. Yes, but at the same time ambiguous and complex, you can watch it as a disaster movie or a family ethics movie.  
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Flood quotes

  • [first lines]

    Keith Hopkins: Malcolm, have you got the latest tidal readings from Wick?

  • [last lines]

    Rob Morrison: Take my father home.

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