Flood movie plot

2022-07-11 21:16
A raging cyclone has made landfall in northeastern Scotland with lashing seas and is stalking inland., the chief designer of the Thames Lock, and Sammy, the ex-wife of the engineering director of the lock, were called back . Going to the sluice for a safety inspection, Rob's estranged father, Professor Leonardbased on his extensive experience, calculates and predicts that if the flood hits, the Thames sluice will be broken. He promptly reported the situation to Ms. Nashat the Crisis Control Center , but his warning was not heeded. The experts at the Crisis Control Center could not accurately judge the situation. will arrive in London.
Hongfeng arrived in London 3 hours later. The monstrous waves jumped over the sluice gate. Hundreds of millions of tons of floodwater rushed into central London. In an instant, the ocean was full of water. Leonard was rescued by the command center and sent to the control center. Rob With Sammy being swept away by a ferocious flood, they survived, and after the storm devastated the city of London and left two million people homeless, the government decided to blow up the expensive dam to release the flood, and Rob and Father and Sammy risked their lives to come to the control room of the sluice gate and open the gate to release the water. Just when Sammy was worried about Rob who was about to go into the water, Leonard, who loved his son deeply, had already dressed for diving while they were not paying attention. Yi dived into the water and prepared to open the drainage system by himself, but the possibility of returning is almost zero. The repentant Rob sweated deeply for his father. The highest level of the government issued an order that in order to minimize casualties, it must be The dam was blown up within ten minutes. The plane was ready and ready to go. At this critical moment, Leonard used his last strength underwater to successfully open the floodgates. But Professor Leonard never woke up   .
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Flood quotes

  • [first lines]

    Keith Hopkins: Malcolm, have you got the latest tidal readings from Wick?

  • [last lines]

    Rob Morrison: Take my father home.

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