Indignation evaluation action

2022-04-03 08:01
The film contains lengthy and elegant dialogue sequences in which the characters discuss their frustrations and anxieties at length. The film seems to be nothing more than a series of erudite discussions without deep impact. The moral superiority of the character Marcos is driven by empathy, which shows that he is an enlightened man, and the character Caldwell is a foil to Marcos' backward thinking. The actors' effort in articulation and dynamics often makes the dialogue feel like it's being imitated rather than being understood and expressed   .
Indignation's opening remarks tell the audience that life's tiniest mistakes can have tragic consequences, and it's not until the film's climax that these words haunt the story again, revealing in a stark dramatic turn their truth. It's a subtle shift that catches viewers off guard, as they've become completely immersed in the more mundane concerns of the story and characters   .
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    In those years, fate was not in my control.

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    Simple love, rendered too much!

Indignation quotes

  • Marcus Messner: I don't care what it suggests, Dean Caldwell, I will not be condemned on the basis of no evidence.

  • Marcus Messner: It is important to understand about dying, that even though in general you do not have a personal choice in the matter, it is going to happen to you when it happens to you. There are reasons you die. There are causes, a chain of events linked by causality, and those events include decisions that you have personally made. How did you end up here, on this exact day, at this exact time, with this specific event happening to you?

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