The Bye Bye Man movie plot

2022-04-02 08:01
Three college students accidentally summon the evil spirit "The Bye Bye Man" in an old building and become his prey. They found that the way to unravel the curse of "Death Demon" is to not think about him, let alone mention his name. As soon as "he" enters your mind, you will be controlled. However, the more you want to live, the more will think of him. If you want to live, you must never think of "him"! The cruelty and cruelty committed by human beings may be all because of his curse. Plot description, three college students get together out of curiosity to play a game of disc fairy, but unexpectedly summoned the evil spirit "cursed death", a serial killer. The most terrifying thing is that he will lurk around, and when he finds an opportunity, he will suddenly appear to control the will and mind of human beings. The flesh makes humans commit endless murderous crimes. The way to get rid of his curse is to never think of him, let alone mention his name, but the harder you try not to think about it, the more closely his figure will follow you around. And the three also discovered that this evil spirit may be inseparable from many murderers, and that he may have caused the most brutal killings in the world. 
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Extended Reading
  • Emma 2022-04-02 09:01:19

    Halfway through the duration, there is still no fright point, and the origin of the boss is unknown, which is a bit boring.

  • Rowan 2022-04-02 09:01:19

    hard work for the actors

The Bye Bye Man quotes

  • Sasha: Me and my friends are renting your place out in Sun Prairie. 37 Oakdale.

    Mr. Daizy: Oh, yeah, the two handsome guys. Are you with them?

    Sasha: You have a weird house, Mr. Daizy. Really, i-it's awful.

  • Sasha: It's really cold in here.

    Mr. Daizy: It's a hothouse. It's actually not cold at all, honey. Maybe you should be home in bed.

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