Jesus of Montreal movie plot

2022-07-07 18:18
Denys Arcand criticizes the crime of mass communication blocking language communication by parodying the story of the Passion of Christ. In the film, Karen, a young and unknown actor, is invited by the church deacon to form a makeshift troupe with four others to modernize the church's annual "Passion Play". The original script was very simple, with only a few lines of scripture recited in a narrative fashion: "Jesus was sentenced to death, and the righteous shall die, for our sins . . On him, a heavy block of wood, a heavy cross." These are faithfully taken from the scriptures of the Bible. However, Karen rewrote the Passion based on various ancient texts about Jesus, as well as local folklore about Jesus. For example, Jesus was the illegitimate son of a soldier Pantila, and later became a "carpenter" because of the passing of the story. Son of Jesus”; before the Byzantine era, the portrait of Jesus did not have a beard, and the beard was added later to increase “power”; Jesus was a magician in Egypt and could perform various tricks, etc. Playing Jesus is troupe director Karen, whose situation in the film, and his accidental death on the cross at the end of the mass riot, hints at his similarity to Jesus. However, the predicament he faced - temptation, hostility, betrayal, abandonment - was not Satan, Roman soldiers, Jewish masses or God, but the monopoly power of mass communication, audiences who didn't understand art, and giving money without respect Art organizer   .
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Jesus of Montreal quotes

  • Court Psychologist: Having to act in a passion play on the mountain... don't you ever feel this is ridiculous?

    Daniel: No. The subject is great, though not very original.

    Court Psychologist: Sure. But this part for an actor is somewhat flimsy, wouldn't you say?

    Daniel: I don't know. The part of Jesus is not what I would call flimsy work.

    Court Psychologist: You did come up with the private conservatory. Wouldn't you like to have a bright career and play the major theatres?

    Daniel: I was away awhile. Seems normal to start at the bottom of the ladder.

  • Martin: Doing tragedy is dangerous.

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