Jezebel movie plot

2022-03-12 08:01
Stubborn, spoiled New Orleans beauty Julie Marsden is engaged to banker Preston Dillard (Pryce). In retaliation for Preth not letting go of work to accompany her shopping, Julie chose a red dance dress to attend the most important dance of the year, and according to convention, unmarried girls can only wear white dance clothes. Everyone was stunned, but no one could persuade her to give up her sudden whim.
Press attended the dance with Julie, and as they entered, everyone present looked at them contemptuously. Julie realizes she's made a serious mistake and asks Pres to take her out of the prom. Press uncompromisingly asks her to dance with him. The other dancers on the dance floor stopped, leaving only the two of them. When the band stopped playing, Pres let the band continue playing until the end.
After the dance, Price left Julie, and their engagement fell through. During the final break, Julie slapped him. Aunt Belle Macy asks Julie to go after Pres and asks Pres to forgive her. Julie refuses, believing that Price will come back for her. However, Price went north for business and stayed there for a particularly long time.
Finally, Press finally returns, and Julie dresses herself up, but Press doesn't welcome her and introduces her to Amy, the bride he met upstate. Julie urges her former suitor, dueling master Buck Cantrell, to blame Press, but Press is unmoved and the plan fails. Press's inexperienced brother Ted was incited to challenge Buck, and the unexpected happened and Ted defeated Buck.
Subsequently, yellowfever broke out throughout the city, and Pres was unfortunately also infected. He will be quarantined on an island like everyone else. Amy is going to take care of Press, but Julie stops her and tells the northern girl she doesn't know how to deal with slaves and southerners on the island. Julie begs Amy to let her go, as compensation for her previous actions, and Amy agrees   .
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  • Sammy 2022-03-21 09:03:25

    Except for the heroine, the characters are lackluster, and Henry Fonda's hero is almost a symbol

  • Ludwig 2022-03-21 09:03:25

    BD's personal documentary mentioned: "If Gone with the Wind is handed over to her as Scarlett, then it will be another movie." This film can see the prototype of "BD-style Scarlett O'Hara".

Jezebel quotes

  • Gros Bat: But, Miss Julie! Miss Julie, Miss Julie, ma'am! It's too risky for a white lady, Miss Julie. Me, I kind of mix in with the night. But them sheriff folks ain't fooling. They're shooting first and asking afterwards!

    Julie: Bat, you hear me? We're going!

  • Aunt Belle: Julie, child, I'm so sorry.

    Julie: For heaven's sakes, don't be gentle with me now. Do you think I wanna be wept over? I've gotta think, to plan, to fight.

    Aunt Belle: But you can't fight marriage.

    Julie: Marriage, is it? To that washed-out little Yankee? Pres is mine. He's always been mine. And if I can't have him...

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