Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell movie plot

2022-03-31 08:01
In 1806, England suffered from all sides in the protracted war against Napoleon, and the practical magicians disappeared hundreds of years ago. However, scholars who have studied the glorious past have found that there is still a practical magician, Mr. Norell. This man lives in a secluded place, but shows his skills a little, and the whole country is amazed by him. After moving to London, he called the beautiful woman back to life and summoned the phantom fleet to deter the French invaders. He has always looked ahead and made a big fuss, but he is daunting in the future - Jonathan Strange is just a fledgling, and has already emerged. This student is in full bloom, talented, be daring and energetic , and is the exact opposite of Norell in every aspect. Since then, the struggle between the two great magicians has been incessant and dangerous, even worse than the battle between England and France. The two have their own obsessions, and secretly get involved in black magic, who knows that everything is a cocoon, and the future is dangerous and unpredictable   .
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  • Idella 2022-04-02 09:01:18

    Typical BBC style, put your money where your mouth is.

  • Mable 2022-04-03 09:01:12

    If it is replaced by two handsome young handsome guys and old handsome guys, who sometimes have feelings beyond friendship, love and hate, then this drama is estimated to be the most popular one this year. . . Although I haven't read the original work, I feel that every shot is a classic restoration, and it really is a British style of painting. Unlike American dramas, which are very catchy and boring at the beginning, this kind of thing belongs to the kind that looks better and better.

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