Journey to Italy movie plot

2022-04-09 08:01
Catherine and Alexander, a wealthy but unhappy British couple. The two of them drove to Naples to deal with a villa left by their deceased uncle. In Naples, their relationship was very cold and tired. Catherine recalls a poet who died in the war, whom he once loved deeply, but Catherine did not love him. Now this romantic memory is starting to affect her life. She toured the museums of Naples and Pompeii, and was inexplicably fascinated by the dead. Catherine began to notice how many women around her were pregnant. Alexander has nothing to do, flirting with other women occasionally, but that's all, he doesn't want anything else to happen. Their relationship seemed to be on the verge of collapse, but it held up like that. Their trip to Italy seems to have brought a different kind of scenery.
The film is the famous work of Robert Rossellini, the important director of Neorealism films. Starring Hollywood star Ingrid Bergman. In the context of World War II , the romance and desolation in a couple's heart are deduced. A carefree British couple whose love life is full of problems. 
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  • Michele 2022-04-21 09:03:52

    The journey of redemption in the crisis of middle-aged couples, the golden rule of movies: nothing can not be solved by a journey. Rossellini is a rather boring director, and his beautiful wife is the only bright spot to admire. Ingrid Bergman's three-dimensional facial features and high-contrast lighting create a Greek sculpture-like effect on the screen. I am tired of being together every day, and I know how to cherish it when I lose it occasionally. Love is not necessarily "yes", but also needs occasional "nothings". The realism that shows the characters' inner hearts is certainly reminiscent of Rey. Notes: The lively street scenes are used to contrast the desolation of the characters, and the icy ruins are used to reflect the restlessness of the characters. The film's narrative structure inspired the production of Antonioni's "Girlfriend" and Fellini's "La Dolce Vita." This is the very distinct modern consciousness in Rossellini's films, that is, a kind of "realism" that shows people's hearts. If you want to be a couple, go on a trip first.

  • Jean 2022-04-21 09:03:52

    In the first line of dialogue, A asked K, who was driving, 'Where have we gone?', and K replied 'I don't know', indicating that the marriage is at a crossroads. When they leave the familiar environment and no longer follow the routine of life as a cover, when dealing with difficulties and uncertainties requires timely and effective coordination and mutual understanding, the accusations accumulated over the years of lack of communication and understanding in the marriage of A and K will be fully exposed. But this trip is not only a journey to reveal the hidden undercurrents of marriage decency, but also a journey of the souls of the two: the encounters of their respective trips after the conflict, in the 'absence' of their partner, they can be more aware of what the other means to them. Rossellini's skillful insertion of faux-documentary passages to trigger audience associations reveals the character's psychological state more effectively and brilliantly than any direct recourse to words (such as inner monologues). After experiencing the baptism and struggle of time and life and death, the two hope to break the confrontation situation in solitude has been accumulating, and finally witness the ending of the 'miracle', breaking the barrier of communication and self-esteem, and reconciling with Time is only between one thought, and the touch of this "one thought" is the real miracle moment

Journey to Italy quotes

  • Katherine Joyce: I wanted you to take a rest. It didn't occur to me that it'd be so boring for you to be alone with me.

    Alex Joyce: What's that got to do with it? I'm just bored because I've got nothing to do.

  • Katherine Joyce: This is the first time that we've been really alone ever since we married.

    Alex Joyce: Yes, I suppose it is.

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