Journey to Italy movie plot

2022-04-09 08:01
Catherine and Alexander, a wealthy but unhappy British couple. The two of them drove to Naples to deal with a villa left by their deceased uncle. In Naples, their relationship was very cold and tired. Catherine recalls a poet who died in the war, whom he once loved deeply, but Catherine did not love him. Now this romantic memory is starting to affect her life. She toured the museums of Naples and Pompeii, and was inexplicably fascinated by the dead. Catherine began to notice how many women around her were pregnant. Alexander has nothing to do, flirting with other women occasionally, but that's all, he doesn't want anything else to happen. Their relationship seemed to be on the verge of collapse, but it held up like that. Their trip to Italy seems to have brought a different kind of scenery.
The film is the famous work of Robert Rossellini, the important director of Neorealism films. Starring Hollywood star Ingrid Bergman. In the context of World War II , the romance and desolation in a couple's heart are deduced. A carefree British couple whose love life is full of problems. 
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    【March 31, 2019 - China Film Archive - "The Herald of the New Wave - Special Screening of Italian Film Master Roberto Rossellini" - Bologna Film Archive 2K Restoration Edition] Travel-style weak plot light drama .

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    #DocumentaryPhoto#Only the unique Bergman has propped up this emotional film, which is as difficult as walking a tightrope. When she met Rossellini, she really made a qualitative leap. This film can be called the new reality of Hollywood and Italy. A romantic honeymoon trip, which not only has the strong dramatic tension of Hollywood, but also the humanistic philosophy of Italian films. From this film, we can see Rossellini's delicate control over character conflicts and emotions, with one glance, one small gesture, and one casual sentence. If so, the characters' hearts and the story can be connected smoothly and naturally.

Journey to Italy quotes

  • Countess of Melissa: They say all Neapolitans are indolent. But you tell me, can you call a castaway indolent? In a way, we're all castaways. We have to fight so hard just to stay afloat.

    Katherine Joyce: I would say it's a very pleasurable shipwreck.

    Duke of Lipoli: Especially when I look into your eyes, stars in the night.

    Katherine Joyce: Ha-ha-ha...

  • Alex Joyce: I can't stand this damn country anymore. The idleness is toxic.

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