Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Furious Five movie plot

2022-07-16 15:06
Master Shifu ( Dustin Hoffman  ) asks Po ( Jack Black  ) to teach a group of bunnies (Vill Sandrey, Eamon Piruchero, Grace Rolek   ) kung fu. Po saw that the little bunnies didn't understand the real meaning of kung fu, so he didn't start teaching directly, but told them the story of Furious Five .
The young Master Mantis (voiced by Max Kochi   ) is a martial arts master, but he has one shortcoming - impatient. All the movements are slow motion for him. One day, a sheep ( voiced by Carol Kane  ) entrusts Master Mantis to go to the Crocodile Thief (voiced by John DiMaggio, Stephen Kaelin   ) to retrieve his wool coat. Master Mantis was caught by a trap because he was too fast. In the process of waiting, for the first time, he felt that the world was slower than him, and he knew what he lacked - patience. In the end, Master Mantis pretended to be dead and escaped the trap set by the crocodiles.
The ancestors of Master Viper are dragons, and their flames are condensed in the fangs of the snake race. Master Viper's father (voiced by James Xie   ) was the only force in the village that could protect everyone at that time. His fangs are very powerful, but little Master Viper (voiced by Jessica Disic   ) was born without fangs. Later, in order to make his father and mother (voiced by Meredith Scott Lynn   ) happy, he taught himself ribbon dance and became a famous dancer in the village. On the Mid-Autumn Festival night, Master Viper's father broke his fangs while fighting a gorilla. Master Viper was very angry when he saw it, so he subdued the gorilla with his ribbon dance. That night, she found what she needed—confidence.
Lida Martial Arts Hall is a place where all Chinese martial arts practitioners want to go. Master Crane ( Crossy  ) was there too—sweeping the floor. Among the students of Lida Wuguan, Meiling ( voiced by Stephanie Lemelin  ) is the most powerful in martial arts. One night, she saw Master Crane drying clothes and discovered his kung fu talent, so she suggested that he go to Li Da's next student tryout. Master Crane then practiced martial arts hard. On the day of the trials, those who want to enter the Lida Martial Arts Academy must cross the road with many structures and get the red flag at the end of the road. Everyone in front failed, and when it was Master Crane's turn, everyone laughed when they saw it was him. The coach (voiced by Jim Cummings   ) told Master Crane to hurry up and sweep the floor. Master Crane was very disappointed. But he accidentally walked into the trap while sweeping the floor. The coach told Master Crane to come out slowly, but Master Crane didn't come out. With his martial arts, he successfully got the red flag and became a student of Lida Martial Arts Hall.
Baogu Orphanage is a happy place, and a batch of children are adopted every month. However, in the peaceful Baogu orphanage, there is a secret: there is a monster in this orphanage! And this monster is none other than little Tigress ( voiced by Tara Lyn Charendoff  ). Because the little Tigress cannot control his temper, he is regarded as a monster by everyone. When she was disheartened, Master Shifu came to Baogu Orphanage to meet little Tigress and teach him martial arts. Slowly, Tigress learned to control her temper, and everyone played with her. In the end, Master Shifu adopted her away.
Little Monkey ( voiced by Jaycee Chan  ), although very powerful in martial arts, likes to play pranks and likes to put banana peels at the feet of others. So the whole village hated him. They brought in various kung fu masters to chase him away. But Monkey is very good at martial arts, and every time he takes off the kung fu master's pants, making them flee in a hurry. One day, Master Oogway ( voiced by Randall Duk Kim  ) came to the village and defeated Monkey. It also taught Monkey what compassion is.
At the end of the film, the little bunnies realized the true meaning of kung fu. When they asked Po what his first day of martial arts was like, Po thought about it and replied, "My first day was great!"
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Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Furious Five quotes

  • Shifu: Tigress? I am Shifu. I am...

    Young Tigress: Afraid?

    Shifu: No.

    Young Tigress: Well you should be! I am Tigress. Tigress the monster. A monster no one wants.

    Shifu: You are not a monster. You're just a little girl.

  • Po: I guess it's easier to laugh at someone than to have someone laugh at you, right?

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