Ladies in Lavender behind the scenes gags

2022-04-08 08:01
The wonderful violin performance in the film is from Jochabel, who is known as "the most handsome violin player today", and his performance adds a lot to the film. In 2000 Oscar's best soundtrack for the movie "The Red Violin ", it was his excellent performance that made such a pure classical work win the grand prize. This time, he stepped into the soundtrack performance again, using elegant, meticulous and unique piano sounds to penetrate into Poland in the film. The role of violinist Andrei, with superb piano skills throughout the film, shocked the audience.
Nigel Hess, a well-known British soundtrack composer, is also the exclusive composer and music director of the Royal William Shakespeare Company. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, through the trendy orchestral technique, presents the film's both quiet and soulful qualities, from the first touching note of the first track "Ladies in Lavender", it deeply captures the listeners heart of! Hayes more subtly blends Jules Émile Frédéric Massenet 's "Tais Meditation" (No. 5), Sarasate's "Prelude and Tarantella" (No. 8), Achille-Claude Debussy "Brown-Haired Girl" (No. 13), Niccolo Paganini "” (No. 16) and other works, seamlessly matching the classical masterpieces with the new creations.
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Ladies in Lavender quotes

  • Ursula Widdington: Stupid, stupid.

  • Olga Daniloff: I think you should go now.

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