Legend of the Blue Sea movie plot

2022-07-22 23:11
In 1598, there was a county magistrate named Jin Danlingin Shegu County, Gangwon-do. He stayed at Yang's house by the sea, and Yang took him to watch the mermaidhe caught . Dan Ling asked Yang what he planned to do to catch the mermaid. Yang said that the fish oil extracted from the mermaid was of good quality and would not spoil even if it was left for many years, but whale oil, which would stink after a long time, was incomparable. best grease. Dan Ling was very pity, took back the mermaid from Yang's hands, and released it into the sea.
In 2016, just like human beings will encounter traffic accidents even if they don't want to, the mermaid came to land after the accident, and met the first human on land, the first man, Xu Junzai, and The mermaid, who returned to the sea soon after, was deeply missed. In order to keep her promise to meet that man again, she returned to the land again and came to Seoul. In the mermaid world, she is the most arrogant, arrogant, cool, smart, and extremely intelligent, but in the human world, in the eyes of Joon Jae, she is just an edible idiot. This ignorant girl knows nothing about the world, she believes in what Joon Jae said, and even learns the world through him. Before he knew it, he began to feel guilty for lying to this woman. These two people, who could never coexist, developed an evenly matched, fiery and lingering love story. 
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