Legend of the Blue Sea behind the scenes gags

2022-07-22 17:41
  • The characters in the play were created by screenwriter Ji-eun Park for Gianna Jun and Lee MinHo   .
  • This drama is the first work of Gianna Jun's postpartum comeback, and it is also Lee MinHo's drama comeback after three years   .
  • Lee MinHo practiced magic tricks for the characters in the play, and also practiced with a lighter between scenes   .
  • Gianna Jun soaked in water for 4-5 hours in order to take a good picture without complaining   .
  • Lee MinHo jumped on the back seat of his bicycle when he was chased by a gangster, and no NG jumped on it all at once   .
  • In order to perfectly interpret the picture of the mermaid swimming in the water, Gianna Jun practiced swimming hard before filming started. In order to cooperate with the special effects production in the later stage, she also wore a green mermaid suit with a motion capture device to overcome hypothermia in a deep water environment   .
  • The two leading actors still kept the script in their hands during the rest time of the shooting scene. Gianna Jun also used the weak light to study the script late at night, and Lee MinHo held the script regardless of the occasion, not only rehearsing with Gianna Jun, but also through the screen with Lee Hee Jun. Research details   .
  • In order to ensure the perfection of the work, Lee MinHo postponed the commercial shooting schedule and devoted all his energy to the drama   .
  • Lee MinHo did not use a stand-in for the martial arts scene in the play. Even if it was dangerous, he insisted on completing it himself, which was praised by the director and the on-site staff   .
  • The portrait of Jin Danling in the play was created by a domestic artist invited by the crew. The painting process and the calligrapher's inscription took a week. It is a genuine work   .
  • Lee Jong Suk showed up at the filming site, sent a coffee cart to the crew of "Legend Of The Blue Sea", and cheered on Gianna Jun, Lee MinHo, and director Chen Hyuk, who has worked with many TV dramas   .
  • Cha Tae Hyun made a cameo appearance in "Legend Of The Blue Sea" and collaborated with Gianna Jun again after 15 years   .
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