Light of My Life evaluation action

2022-04-05 08:01
The warm father-daughter relationship and Anna Pnyovsky's natural interpretation of the little girl disguised as a man add a touch of warmth to the heavy and implicitly tense story, and also lead the film's story to the end of the fierce conflict. The sadness brought by the death of the mother to the father is not only the loss of his lover, but also the loss of his family. This faint sadness runs through the whole film, making the father's dedication and protection to his daughter even more touching and precious. Casey Affleck and DP Adam Acapo's use of lighting in the climax perfectly complements the intensity of the conflict and the daughter's threatening transition from innocence to maturity. The fights in the rain and snow also add a lot of tension to the film's action scenes. Daniel Hart's solemn chant-like soundtrack plays a great role in setting off the atmosphere of the story. As a drama film closely revolving around the two roles of father and daughter, it fully demonstrates the excellent acting skills of the two leading actors. Once again, Affleck has succeeded in portraying a mumbling, preoccupied, hyper-tense father figure, but his whole-hearted love and protection for his daughter is especially touching. And Pniowski's performance is even more surprising. She has a natural interpretation of her daughter's strong, observant and precocious heart   .
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  • Lottie 2022-04-05 09:01:08

    Girls, there is always a little unexpected power enough to make them surprisingly calm and strong in the most difficult times. It's like the story told by the father in the title is "taken over" by the daughter at the end. Cassie is still mourned, but the story about b-ultrasound is told in that rustling voice, and the tenderness revealed is the surviving love in the last days! Of course, it also made me and the people around me cry. Although the tone is so cold, those who want to drag the world into the abyss are all black figures, but the guy who drives and Tom deserves a lot of shinning close-ups. ps, the photography is so beautiful~

  • Uriah 2022-04-06 09:01:07

    Rewatch "Youth Nezha"

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