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2021-10-13 18:32
If every toy dealer can be so bold about their products, there must be more interesting works on the screen than "Teddy Bear". The most unexpected surprise of the film is its kind of fairy tale feeling in Spielberg format, and it also earned some tears.
That teddy bear is the most interesting character in all movies, and it is also the best comedy script.
The irony of the film includes topics such as race, religion, feelings, reality, etc., but at the same time, it has enough warmth as an adjustment.
Using toys that everyone knows to play the edge ball of restricted movies, there is a wonderful chemical reaction.
This is a comedy movie full of jokes. Mark Wahlberg changed his previous image and played an old boy with a childlike innocence. However, it is commendable that the film’s burden is not mentally retarded and refreshing.
The lively tone of the film is deeply pleasing, and Mark’s wonderful performance is the biggest highlight of the film-still people only remember his cold muscular image, but he is indeed more cute than a teddy bear.
Although the film has a good opening, there is no reason for Eun to keep watching, especially after the film enters the second half, it falls into the stereotype, just as boring as "You, Me and Dupri".
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Ted quotes

  • John: I think back to that Christmas morning and I wish I'd just gotten a Teddy Ruxpin.

    Ted: Say that again.

    John: Teddy Rux-fuckin'-pin

  • Ted: I look like Snuggles' accountant

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