Live Free or Die movie plot

2022-03-31 08:01
The story follows last season, when Waltfinally gets rid of the long-standing threat Gustavothrough a well-planned explosion, as well as the drug empire Gustavo built. Uprooted. The "career" success didn't bring much joy to Walter, however, as the relationship between him and his wife Skylerfell to freezing point again.
Gustavo is dead, but Walter's ambitions haven't disappeared. He joins forces with Jesseand Miketo build his new empire. By chance, Hankfinds solid evidence that Walter is Heisenberg at Walter's house. Under the huge blow, he is determined to kill his relatives righteously. His former brother-in-law has now become an opponent. At the same time, a new force is growing in the drug circle, and they are about to become Hank's most powerful enemy. 
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  • Adam 2022-04-09 09:01:07

    At first, Lao Bai really started to make drugs for the benefit of his family, but in the end he was really lost. Everything he did was for himself, a bit like Cage in Lord of War. In the end, he was not For money, but to achieve self-worth to achieve some kind of self-satisfaction. Because I like this thing and I am good at it, doing this kind of thing can feel like I am really alive, which may be one of the "very ugly endings". Loved it!

  • Dell 2022-04-01 09:01:19

    Poor old white, firstly, all relationships are maintained by lies, without exception; secondly, diaosi's nature is firm, even if he is sitting on half a house of banknotes, this attribute is also over when he proudly drives back to two luxury cars Exhausted now. A good boss is like Fried Chicken; a good subordinate is Mike; a good partner is saul; a good buddy is Xiaofan; a good husband and a good father is Hank; Best ending.

Live Free or Die quotes

  • Mike Ehrmantraut: You know how they say "It's been a pleasure"? It hasn't.

  • Mike Ehrmantraut: Oh, so now you wanna blow up a police station?

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