London Fields evaluation action

2022-07-16 16:36
"London Fields" more or less follows the story of the original novel, but does not use much content in the plot. The film director and screenwriter use a lot of dialogue and statements in the novel directly as lines, which will make the audience feel that The film is just a copy of the book, so every scene in the film seems to lack drama and emotional relationships between the characters. The script for the film is so messed up that no matter how good the actor is, the character can't be played well. All in all, it's a poorer movie, so bad that it doesn't even make for a funnier horror movie, something that could irritate fans of the original novel and confuse viewers unfamiliar with it   .
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London Fields quotes

  • Samson Young: They used to worry about the kind of world they were bringing their child into. But when their prayers were answered, they worried about what kind of child they were bringing into the world.

  • Samson Young: Guy always thought it was life he was looking for. But it must have been death.

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