London Fields Production process

2022-07-16 17:42
"London Fields" was completed as early as 2015, but there were various contradictions among the producers, directors, and actors. It started when the 2015 Toronto Film Festival screening was canceled because of disputes between producers and directors. The producers then took heroine Amber Heard to court in 2017, accusing her of failing to film as contracted and not cooperating with publicity campaigns. After that, Amber Heard fought back and took the producer to court, accusing the producer of violating the previously signed filming terms, and the scale of the nude scene was too large. Amber Heard did not cooperate with some of the large-scale scenes of "London Fields", and later the producers also used stuntmen to complete it, and the three parties had a lot of trouble   . In addition, many scenes in the film were filmed at the Stratford Olympic venue   .
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  • Samson Young: They used to worry about the kind of world they were bringing their child into. But when their prayers were answered, they worried about what kind of child they were bringing into the world.

  • Samson Young: Guy always thought it was life he was looking for. But it must have been death.

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