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2022-07-14 18:01
London to Brighton (2006), this city horror theme is a 2006 film directed by the famous British screenwriter and director Paul Andrew Williams (Paul Andrew Williams), the film at the 2006 Edinburgh International Film Festival held its world premiere.
In the film, the serious tradition of British realistic drama and the black violence stimulated by the underworld are skillfully combined, which cannot but be said to be a great achievement of Paul Andrew Williams, who is also the director and screenwriter.
Williams knows how to catch the audience's attention. The film creates a suffocating tension right from the start, setting traps all the time. At the same time, as an excellent urban thriller, the director mastered the rhythm of the film just right, so as to balance the tension and relaxation. It tells a frightening story and also unfolds the relationship between Kelly and Janie: the mutual care and dependence of stepmother and daughter in distress, when Kelly finds that Janie evokes her natural maternal love, Janie It is also discovered that Kelly is her protector, and her opinion has changed.
Unlike its piercing music, earnest performance, and unexpected softness, the brutality of Get Carter (2000), under the influence of Ken Loach, unfolds. Great thrilling story.
Of course, if we understand why the characters in Williams' script behave the way they do, we find Williams' work even more interesting. The people in the film have their own strong reasons for their actions, which makes this film far beyond the ordinary horror and robber films.
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