My Giant production and distribution

2022-10-25 17:43
Production Company:
Castle Rock Entertainment [US]
Face Productions [US]
Columbia Pictures [USA]
Warner Home Video [US] (USA) (DVD)
LK-TEL [Argentina] (1999) (Argentina) (VHS)
Warner Bros. Television [USA] (USA) (TV)
Sony Pictures Entertainment [US] (1999) (Argentina) (VHS)
Stunt Production Company:
Pacific Title/Mirage [US] (visual effects)
release date
Country release/release date (details)
USA USA April 10, 1998
AustraliaAustraliaAugust 27, 1998
Portugal Portugal February 1999.(video premiere)
United Kingdom UK 12 February 1999
Kuwait April 7, 1999
Argentina April 20, 1999.(video premiere)
Iceland May 6, 1999.(video premiere)
Hungary September 2, 1999.(video premiere)
Finland Finland December 31, 2002.(TV premiere)
Sweden Sweden August 31, 2005.(TV premiere)
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My Giant quotes

  • Sam Kamin: Does anyone here speak English? Perfect! Either I'm in heaven or the Miami airport.

  • [waking up after a car accident and seeing a cross]

    Sam Kamin: Oh shit, wrong heaven!

    [seeing a bunch of monks]

    Sam Kamin: Definitely wrong heaven!

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