Ariel production and distribution

2022-07-08 11:36
Production Company:
Finnish Film Foundation [Finland].
Villealfa Filmproduction Oy [Finland].
Filmcoopi Zürich [Switzerland] (19??) (Switzerland) (theatrical).
Finnkino Oy [Finland] (19??) (Switzerland) (theatrical).
Kino International Corp. [The United States of America] (1990) (USA) (subtitled).
Stadtkino Verleih [Austria] (Austria).
Other companies: Filmmixarna AB [Sweden] sound mixing.
The Federal Republic of Germany West Germany February 16, 1989.(Berlin International Film Festival) Sweden March 3, 1989 Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Soviet Union July 1989. (Moscow Film Festival) The United States of America USA August 10, 1989.(limited) The Federal Republic of Germany West Germany August 31, 1989 Canada Canada September 15, 1989.(Toronto Film Festival) The United States of America USA September 24, 1989.(New York Film Festival) United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland UK October 6, 1989.(London) Netherlands June 1, 1990 The United States of America USA October 1990Commonwealth of Australia Australia January 24, 1991 The Republic of Argentina Argentina December 6, 2002.(Kaurismäki: Vodka, Frío y Rock'n Roll) Dialogue Language: Finnish .
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Ariel quotes

  • Taisto Olavi Kasurinen: What are those?

    Mikkonen: Sedatives.

    Taisto Olavi Kasurinen: What for?

    Mikkonen: Ask me again in a year.

  • Taisto Olavi Kasurinen: What do you do normally?

    Mikkonen: What do you mean by "normally"?

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